Undereye Fillers

The sun, the star, the only source of light in our face is our eyes. They should keep shining.

They should brighten up us when we look in the mirror and our loved ones when we look at the world. However, as we age, the area around our eyes loses its vitality, making us look tired and sleep-deprived. Under-eye fillers can sort it out just easily! Under-eye filler, which is a non-surgical method, attracts the attention of everyone who has suffered from under-eye problems, both men and women. The procedure also removes under-eye bags, sunken eyes, and dark circles under the eyes. By moisturizing the skin around your eyes, it enables the tissue under the eyes to regain its former vitality and ensure color balance.

Why do we get under-eye bags and dark circles under our eyes?

It does not just due to age. Some people start living with under-eye bags from birth. However, as we age, lifestyle plays a decisive role in the appearance of the under-eye area. Factors such as sleep deprivation, intense stress, alcohol or smoking, and sleeping position can trigger under eye problems.

Is there an age limit to the procedure?

Under-eye problems can sometimes be experienced at an early age due to the reasons mentioned above. There is no harm in getting eye filler from the age of 18.

What kind of a procedure is undereye filler?

Under-eye filler is a procedure that removes the bruising, darkening, and sagging around the eyes by filling the volume losses between the nose, cheeks, and under the eyes that become evident as we age. The main feature of this procedure is that it brightens under the eyes. It provides this effect with the aid of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid used in filling procedures is transformed into a new form for under-eye fillers. This substance, then, is injected into the area to be treated using very fine needles.

What to consider when it comes to choosing the right clinic to get undereye fillers?

Although the undereye filling is a simple procedure, the fact that the area under the eye is extremely sensitive and has a different anatomical structure from other parts of the face makes it obvious that the procedure should be performed very carefully. To avoid any bleeding or complications in this area where there are dense vessels, it should be performed by experienced physicians who have good knowledge about the anatomical structure.

Is it painful?

Before the procedure, anesthetic cream is applied under and around the eyes. The cream takes effect in about half an hour. Thus, you will not feel the needles during the procedure.

Will there be any side effects after the procedure?

Because the procedure is performed only by injections without any incision, it does not cause any side effects other than redness or slight swelling that will go away quickly.

What to avoid after the undereye procedure?

It is recommended that you apply ice to the application site after the procedure to prevent any edema. It is best to avoid contact with extremely hot water on the day of the procedure. You should also avoid heavy sports and excessive gestures that will strain the texture of the skin in the first week for the best results.

When will you see the effects of the procedure?

You can notice the change under your eyes immediately after the procedure.

How long will it last?

Although the durability of the procedure varies according to the structure of the skin, age and lifestyle choices, it preserves its effects for 1 to 1.5 years.

Can it be repeated?

When its effects start to go away, the procedure can be repeated in the same way.


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