Non-surgical Neck and Decollete Treatment

While there are several different and effective procedures to rejuvenate our face, our neck and jowl often do not benefit enough from these procedures. As such, no matter how young and lively our face looks, our neck and sagging or fatty jowl show our age. This is because our neck is as prominent and visible as our face. Most of us do not prefer having surgery as a method to treat these problems. So the question is if there is a way to rejuvenate our neck without surgery, without taking a break from social life, without waiting for days to heal?

The good news is that there are many treatment options, but not one! Our neck is one of the body areas with the thinnest skin tissue, so as we age our neck starts to sag down from the middle line due to the effects of gravity. This sagging makes itself seen right down to the décolleté. The neck and jowl skin, which are extremely sensitive and thin, require procedures that are as delicate as their texture. Sometimes a single method is enough to acquire the desired results, at other times, a few complementary methods can be used together.

Let’s take a closer look at these methods…

The first method is BOTOX, which most of you are familiar with!

With the excessive movements of the platysma, which is called the neck muscle, located on both sides of our neck and gradually becomes more apparent, our faces get to look older. Horizontal lines in the neck also cause you to a tired and old look. Neck and décolleté botox also called the Nefertiti effect, can greatly reduce this appearance. If the wrinkles across your neck and décolleté disappear when you stretch it with your hand, botox alone can yield the desired results and it is sufficient to eliminate these band-like layers on your neck. However, in the case of deep wrinkles, the botox needs to be completed with different procedures.

When botox is injected into the neck and décolleté, the appearance of vertical band is reduced. By eliminating the sagging face skin, the revival that we call the Nefertiti effect or lifting effect occurs. The jawbone becomes more prominent

The second method is STEM CELL THERAPY …

Very thin skin across the neck causes many fine wrinkles to occur. Procedures that stimulate tissue renewal produce more natural and effective results as compared to the ones involving removing these wrinkles with filling methods. Stem cell therapy is one of these methods.

How is stem cell therapy performed?

The first step of stem cell therapy is to remove enough amount of fat with the help of thin cannulas from the regions of the body deemed appropriate by the doctor. This fat is separated by a certain procedure and is enriched in stem cells. After the fat cells are made ready, they are injected into the necessary points in the neck or decollete.

How does stem cell therapy create a rejuvenating effect?

Stem cell therapy accelerates collagen stimulation in the skin and the skin naturally begins to renew itself. The self-healing skin creates a more natural and permanent rejuvenating effect.

Is stem cell therapy a reproducible procedure?

If more effective results are desired in the neck and décolleté, stem cell therapy can be supported with such methods as botox and needle radiofrequency. However, there is no need to repeat the stem cell therapy.

When will you see the effects?

Since stem cell therapy is based on the principle of tissue renewal, you will get to see recovery in a month.

The third method is needle radiofrequency (golden needle)…

Since we are talking about thin skin, collagen stimulation is extremely needed in the neck area. The most effective and practical method applied for this purpose is the needle radiofrequency that stimulates collagen with the effect of heat. Needle radiofrequency is a procedure that descends below the skin to the desired level, transmits radiofrequency energy to this area, stimulates the subcutaneous, and collects sagging using fractional microneedles. Since gold-plated needles are used in practice, it derived its name as golden needle.

With the golden needle method,

  • Collagen stimulation of the skin increases
  • Skin loosening is reduced
  • Fine wrinkles are reduced

Is the golden needle method painful? Is it possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure?

By applying anesthetic creams to the skin before the procedure, pain is reduced. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, a temporary redness occurs on the skin. This redness disappears completely in a day.

In addition to these applications in neck and décolleté, a SMART FILLING is applied. Again, it is aimed to regenerate and rejuvenate the tissue rather than filling the deformation.


Benjamin Button effect is a simple and effective procedure that allows non-surgical facelift, jowl melting, and eyelid lift. One of the latest and most effective treatment options in this regard is the method called the Attiva Benjamin Button effect.