Non-surgical Jowl Lift

The jowl problem, which not only women but men often complain about, does not go away when you lose weight or exercise.

Even if we don’t notice our jowls when we look in the mirror, they show a lot in the photos, and unfortunately just stay there even if we want to deny its existence! The jowl problem, which not only women but men often complain about, does not go away when you lose weight or exercise. So, jowl procedures which have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years yield effective results when combined with many different procedures.

What causes jowls?

The aged and saggy look of your jowls has two causes. The first is fat, the second is sagging. The methods we use for the problem of fatty skin are the Benjamin Button Effect and Focused Ultrasound. The procedures we use for sagging are Golden Needle and Chin Filler.


The Benjamin Button effect we use for the problem of fatty skin in the double chin problem is gained by non-surgical and new generation technology that enables the skin to naturally rejuvenate with its cells and collagen. It is a procedure performed with Attiva device. Thanks to its increasing effect over time, it is named after Benjamin Button, the movie character who gets younger day by day. Attiva is a device that applies subdermal radiofrequency. The Benjamin Button effect occurs with this procedure. Radiofrequency is applied with a special patented system under the jowl skin, which heats and stimulates the tissues. Since the heat stimulates the formation of new collagen, it also provides the regeneration of the tissue. As your tissues are renewed and the collagen becomes active, the jowl fat melt, thereby tightening this area.

How Long Does the Benjamin Button Effect Last?

The Benjamin Button effect provides full results in three months following the procedure, and these results last for 18-20 months.

How Many Sessions Does Benjamin Button Procedure Take?

The procedure usually provides the desired results in one session. Rarely, a second one is required.


The system used for the problem of jowl fat is a high technology method that responds to many different cosmetic problems. It’s also called as high-intensity focused ultrasound system. Focused ultrasound, a new generation procedure, works on the principle of regenerating the skin with its natural warriors. The ultrasound wave applied on the skin surface affects the skin by thermal energy directed at a specific point in the skin and creates controlled damage under the skin. During the healing period of the damage, collagen stimulation increases, while the cells renew themselves, resulting in a younger, tighter, and lively facial appearance.

When does focused ultrasound take effect?

While it will take effect of 20 to 30 percent immediately after the procedure, it will take a month to see full effects. The procedure, which has an increasing rate of improvement day by day, makes you smile with full results by 2.5 to 3 months.


The golden needle, which is used to eliminate the sagging jowl, is a preferred method of facial rejuvenation. The golden needle is performed using fractional microneedles to descend below the skin to the desired level. It transmits radiofrequency energy to the area of application, stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, and lifts the saggy skin. Since gold-plated needles are used, it derived its name as a gold needle. Thanks to the needle radiofrequency method, collagen stimulation of the skin increases, loose and sagging jowls improve.

Is the golden needle painful? Is it possible to return to daily life right after the procedure?

Pain-related to the procedure is reduced by applying anesthetic creams to the skin before the procedure. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. Temporary redness may occur on the skin after needle radiofrequency. This redness disappears completely in just a month.


Another method used for jowl correction is jaw fillers. In some cases, it may look like a jowl because the chin is smaller or recessed than it should be. Filler is applied to the chin to make it more prominent and to make it look more pointed, thereby reducing the appearance of the jowls.


Benjamin Button effect is a simple and effective procedure that allows non-surgical facelift, jowl melting, and eyelid lift. One of the latest and most effective treatment options in this regard is the method called the Attiva Benjamin Button effect.