Our face tells a lot about our age! If our eyebrows are silent, our cheeks speak, even if we silence our eyes, our jowl and neck tell our age. Do we have a chance to reduce the age our face tells?

Developing technology and cosmetic procedures, the pressures of social media on our aesthetic sense and our social life always push us to be younger, more dynamic, and fast. Fortunately, many different procedures make us look younger and clear the traces of life away from our faces. Among these applications, non-surgical methods are of course the most preferred. This is because we all hesitate to take the risks of the surgery when we have no health problems, be exposed to the effect of anesthesia, have to break away from our work and social life for days.

So, what are the non-surgical facial rejuvenation or facelift procedures, their effects, differences, and permanence? Let’s take a look at all that…


High-intensity focused ultrasound system. Focus ultrasound, a new generation procedure, works on the principle of regenerating the skin with its natural warriors. The ultrasound wave applied on the skin surface affects the skin by applying thermal energy under the skin and creates controlled damage in the application site. During the healing period, the collagen stimulation in the skin increases, while the cells renew themselves, thereby creating younger and more vibrant skin. Since the tissues that are lifted in facelift surgeries are also stimulated, the face gets firm.

How long does the Focus ultrasound take?

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

When does the focused ultrasound take effect?

While it will take effect of 20 to 30 percent right after the procedure, it will take a month to see the full effects. The procedure has an increasing rate of improvement day by day and makes you smile with full results by 2.5 to 3 months.


Benjamin Button effect is a procedure that is new generation technology without surgery, which enables the skin to be naturally rejuvenated with its own cells and collagen. It is a procedure performed with Attiva device. Thanks to its increasing effect over time, it is named after Benjamin Button, the movie character who gets younger day by day. Attiva is a device that applies subdermal radiofrequency. The Benjamin Button effect occurs with this procedure. Radiofrequency is applied to the skin with a special patented system and the tissues are heated and thus stimulated. Since the heat stimulates the formation of new collagen, it also provides the regeneration of the tissue. The renewed tissues and the increased amount of collagen on your skin are the factors behind facial rejuvenation and lifting. 

How long Benjamin Button Effect Lasts?

The Benjamin Button effect provides full results in three months following the procedure, and these results last for 18-20 months.

How Many Sessions Does Benjamin Button Procedure Take?

The procedure usually provides the desired results in one session. Rarely, a second one is required.

When Is It Ok To Return To Social Life After Benjamin Button Treatment?

After the application, there may be swelling or bruising in the application site for 1 to 2 days, and then you can return to social life.


Preferring procedures that stimulate tissue renewal rather than removing the effects of aging with superficial methods yields both more natural and more effective results. Stem cell therapy is preferred as one of these methods. The first step of stem cell therapy is to remove enough fat from the body regions deemed appropriate by the doctor using thin cannulas. This fat is distilled through a specific procedure and is enriched in stem cells. After the fat cells are made suitable for the procedure, they are injected into the points that need to be treated. After stem cell therapy, collagen stimulation in the skin accelerates and it naturally begins to renew itself. The self-healing process on the skin creates a more natural and permanent youth effect.

Is stem cell therapy a repeatable application?

Different methods can be used together to obtain a complementary result but there is no need to repeat the stem cell therapy.

When does it start to take effect?

Since stem cell therapy is based on the principle of tissue regeneration, it takes a month to see the full effects.


Facial mesotherapy is the injection of substances such as collagen, cell refreshing vitamins, selenium, which are beneficial for the skin, under the skin using microneedles. It can be applied to any region of the face. It is generally used as a complementary treatment to increase the effect and permanence of other methods. It is a procedure that gives vitality and flexibility to the skin. It also increases collagen stimulation and elastin. It is a useful and natural method that renews the skin and reduces sagging and wrinkles.

How many sessions is mesotherapy performed?

Although it depends on the person and the desired result, it can be in 1 to 4 weeks initially. Desired effects can be obtained after about 6 sessions. It can be repeated every 6 months if desired.


Benjamin Button effect is a simple and effective procedure that allows non-surgical facelift, jowl melting, and eyelid lift. One of the latest and most effective treatment options in this regard is the method called the Attiva Benjamin Button effect.