Cheek Filler

Faces with prominent cheeks attract attention and symbolize youth...

The term “ruddy-cheeked” is always used to express youth and freshness. In other words, faces with prominent cheeks attract attention and symbolize youth. However, there are some aesthetic standards for the cheeks, as is the case with every other part of our body. It should not be too plump or sunken, not too flat to make the face look wide, nor so swollen to cause narrow-looking eyes … High cheekbones and tight, full cheeks brings our beauty forward, while endowing us with a more vigorous, youthful, and fresh facial expression. You may notice that the famous faces you follow on social media and the media get younger and look more beautiful. When you compare old and new photographs, you will see that everything in their facial features is the same. However, there is something different about them and you cannot predict exactly what it is. Cheek filler is noticeable on your face just like that, but it creates a change you cannot tell what it is. Your cheekbones bring forward, if there is an asymmetry in your face, it will fix it and give you an overall younger and more attractive facial expression. How about surprising those around you with a tiny touch? Let’s take a detailed look at cheek fillers…

What is cheek filler?

As in other facial fillers, the hyaluronic acid-based material is injected into the cheek and surrounding areas by an expert in a hygienic and professional environment. Filler is a non-surgical, fast, and practical method. Cheek fillers can also be done with surgery. The surgical cheek filler involves fixing implants with different alternatives to a tissue or bone under the skin, by the shape of the face, by opening an incision with general anesthesia. As is the case with any surgery, it requires a certain period of rest afterward, it does not offer the opportunity to return to daily life right after surgery. For such reasons, fillers performed with hyaluronic acid are a much more preferable and practical option.

How does cheek filler help you look younger?

Sometimes, even though the person is not too thin, his or her face may be too thin and sunken. This causes them to look older than they are. More prominent cheekbones and plump cheeks move the facial lines upwards, thus causing a face lifting effect. So, sagging and sunken areas are largely eliminated, giving the face the ideal oval shape.

How long doe the cheek filler last?

Cheek filling is a very practical procedure when performed with injections. Anesthetic creams applied to the application site take effect within about half an hour. After half an hour, the injection is performed, which takes about 15 minutes. A little bit of edema and redness on the face may occur but go away in a short time. In other words, after the procedure, the person can quickly return to social life.

Who are good candidates for cheek fillers?

Are there any points to take into consideration before or after cheek fillers?

Since cheek fillers include the jaw to a certain extent, patients with infection in their teeth and gums should first complete their treatments. They should also stop taking aspirin or blood thinners two weeks before the procedure because, though rarely, bleeding may occur during the procedure. It is recommended to stop using such drugs for a few days before and after the procedure in order to minimize the risks.

Is it ok to exercise on the day of the procedure?

After cheek filler procedures, it is best to avoid heavy exercises, especially on the day of the procedure. Since swimming in the pool will increase the risk of infection, it is not recommended on the day of the procedure and for a few days afterward.

How long will the effects of cheek fillers last?

Although it varies according to the structure of the skin and the amount of filler applied, its effects last for about 6 to 8 months.

Can cheek fillers be repeated?

Yes, there is no harm in getting the same procedure if its effects are gone.


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