How well do we know about botox?

Everybody talks about it and has it on their faces! Perhaps there is nobody left who has not heard, known, or even tried Botox. But how well do we know about it?

Botox, a method that most of us have heard and tried, is sometimes used in the wrong sense, and sometimes we talk about it without knowing its scope and what it exactly serves! In addition to many areas where it is used for cosmetic reasons, botox is an invention that provides solutions to different problems. The reputation of Botox, which offers effective solutions in the treatment of problems such as excessive sweating, teeth grinding, and migraine, comes from its cosmetic applications. When it comes to cosmetic purposes, the main function of botox is to remove wrinkles and deep lines. It can be applied in many areas of the face.

How does it provide solutions to cosmetic problems?

Botox, the abbreviation of Botulinum toxin, temporarily stops the mimic muscles, thereby eliminating the wrinkles and lines caused by these gestures.

Where can it be performed on the face?

While Botox greatly removes the appearance of deep lines caused by our facial expressions, it eliminates wrinkles in these areas.

How does it change the facial expression? Does it cause a big and unnatural change?

If botox injections are done by the anatomical structure of the face, it results in a more vivid, vigorous, and bright appearance on the face. The overall structure of the face looks the same.

How can we be sure that it will be done according to the anatomical structure of our face?

Although Botox is a simple and common procedure, it is a specific method that requires the person performing the application to be a specialist physician. It is very important to preserve the natural appearance of the face while also achieving rejuvenation. Therefore it needs to be done by specialist physicians who know the anatomy of the face well and have advanced aesthetic perceptions.

How long do the effects of botox last?

How long will the Botox last depends on the age of the person, the skin texture, the depth of the lines, and the amount of botox used? Its effects usually last about 6 months.

How is Botox performed?

When the person makes gestures, the areas with lines are determined. The amount of botox to be applied is set according to the degree of wrinkles and skin texture. Anesthetic creams can be applied to the application site before the procedure, but generally, there is no need for it, because botox is a tolerable, extremely painless treatment method. The procedure is completed by injecting an appropriate amount of botulinum toxin into the application sites.

Is Botox painful?

It is a minor procedure that does not even require the use of anesthetic creams. If the person’s pain threshold is very low and they are afraid of needles, anesthetic creams may be preferred before the procedure.

When does the botox take effect?

Botox begins to take effect within a few days. You can see its full effects in two weeks.

How often should you get botox?

When you feel its effects are gone, there is no harm in repeating the procedure. If it is repeated every six months, its effects will increase and the wrinkles will not get deeper.

How does botox help with sweating?

Our palms and armpits sometimes sweat more than normal, thereby making our daily life difficult by sweating excessively. Botox stops sweating by interrupting the communication between sweat glands and nerve endings. In other words, it works by stopping the movements of certain muscles.

How does it help with teeth grinding?

Thanks to the same principle, Botox freezes the functioning of certain muscles that allow the movement of our teeth. Thus, the muscles that we use when asleep or involuntarily cannot move.


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